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Customer Satisfaction is AGNI Estates' No.1 Priority

"Wow, I did it!" As children, all of us can recall that feeling of excitement, having come out a winner with our eyes closed in a game of blind man's buff, pin-the-tail-on-the donkey, etc! As a home buyer, it is the same "Wow!" feeling you will relive when you engage with AGNI Estates, your builder par excellence.

When AGNI Estates opened its doors for business in the mid-90s, the singular principle that guided the fledgling company was to ensure for every customer the overjoyed feeling that comes from being a winner in every respect. In the long road it has travelled since, AGNI Estates has steadfastly held on to that principle by making customer satisfaction its No.1 priority, across every parameter of construction excellence.

The emphasis that AGNI Estates lays on construction excellence is evident in all its projects-completed, ongoing, and future. Starting with choice of location and moving onto other aspects of a project such as price options, architectural proficiency, conformity with structural safety standards, specifications, amenities, or Vaasthu compliance, AGNI Estates is, and has always been, all about clients.

AGNI Estates' client-centric approach and single minded focus on construction excellence has played a significant role in contributing toward its standing as a top line builder. Today, AGNI Estates stands out in a crowded marketplace for its reputation to satisfy home buyers of every hue and description, by providing genuine value for every rupee spent-from start to finish.

Every completed project-4,20,000 Sq ft of construction-bears testimony to AGNI Estates' level of proficiency as a builder, with depth of both knowledge and experience, in the complex business of property development. Perched on its secure foundation of knowledge and experience, AGNI Estates' current plans envisage expanding its construction portfolio to 5,00,000 Sq ft, firm in the belief that it will continue to deliver on its claim we are all about clients®.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

In today's highly competitive real estate industry, achieving construction excellence is easier said than done. In the race to finish projects on time, missing out on even a single detail, in the complex process of real estate development, can render a project vulnerable in a number of ways. To guard against even the remotest possibility of such an occurrence, AGNI Estates follows robust systems and procedures-beginning with the drawing board and going all the way through to completion; they ensure that the dwelling unit ultimately delivered is flawless in every respect. An approach with meticulous attention to detail makes the safety of a home buyer's investment a foregone conclusion. This approach has repeatedly proven that the AGNI Estates promise we are all about clients®, has both merit and substance.

Furthermore, when you engage with AGNI Estates as a home buyer, you give yourself specific advantages because of its track record of innovation and the invaluable experience it represents.

To date, AGNI Estates' portfolio is spread across 4, 20,000 Sq ft of contemporarily designed constructed space, comprising residential complexes, independent and semi-independent houses, and commercial buildings housing corporate offices and stores.

Behind AGNI Estates' innovative and elegant constructions that make it a top class builder, lies the skill and expertise of a thoroughly professional team of architects, designers, consultants, and a highly skilled workforce who, along with accomplished financial planners, accountants, and marketing professionals, contribute to the construction of towering edifices laden with the most modern amenities.

The information below will provide a clear understanding of the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each project:

The AAC Code

The *AAC Code of Conduct is a lexicon in AGNI Estates' book that serves as a constant reminder to the team to stay focused on its No.1 priority across all parameters of construction excellence-client satisfaction. The philosophy behind this lexicon may be simple, though, carrying its essence to clients entails discipline and determination. Furthermore, it entails keeping track of every little detail over the long and arduous process of taking a project from the drawing board to completion. After all, AGNI Estates is committed to provide excellence to its clients at every stage of construction This is how AGNI Estates lives up to its claim we are all about clients®.

What the AAC Code of Conduct precisely means is as follows:

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